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Leipzig – The location and important information

Leipzig is located in East Germany in the Free State of Saxony. Leipzig currently has about 515,000 inhabitants, living in houses, apartments or an apartment. The city spreads over a square area of about 297 km. Besides Dresden Leipzig is one of the largest and most important cities in Saxony.

In former times Leipzig was an important trading center. The founding year of the city is dated to 1165, when Margrave Otto the Rich, granted a town charter and market privileges. The St. Nicholas Church and St. Thomas’s Church, two well-known large city churches were built at this time. The University of Leipzig, which was founded in 1409, is one of Germanys oldest universities. In 1497 Leipzig was appointed the empires fair city and soon became an important trading center for the exchange of goods between East and West Europe.

In the following century the Leipzig Trade Fair and the city is becoming increasingly important. The Thirty Years’ War Leipzig threw back his ever-expanding development, the population decreased by one third. The Battle of Leipzig in 1813, is one of the most famous historical events that are associated with Leipzig. The imposing monument to the Battle still recalls the battle in which Napoleon’s troops during the liberation wars against the armies of the Prussians, Austrians, Swedes and Russians were defeated. In subsequent years, Leipzig has developed into a center of German publishing and book trade. As the first German domestic long-distance railway in 1839 the Leipzig-Dresden railway was opened.

Gradually, Leipzig has developed into an important traffic hub in Germany. The legendary head station of Leipzig was one of the largest of its kind in Europe. In the period of industrialization, the population rose to roaring. 1871 Leipzig finally counted 100,000 inhabitants and became a big city. Until the First World War, now known as the first belt for rented apartments or rental housing built around the pre-industrial town. During the Second World War air raids led to the city that was destroyed over half of the inner-city buildings, including many apartments. In the period after the Second World War when Leipzig belonged to the Soviet occupation zone the economic significance of Leipzig decreased. Even after 1949, the founding of the GDR, a continuing decline in the population was recorded. Nevertheless, Leipzig was measured by number of inhabitants, as the second largest city in the GDR. In the 70th the Central Committee of the SED, decided a housing program to rectify the housing shortage and to offer many citizens apartments and rental housing. The pictures of the Monday demonstrations in Leipzig in the autumn of 1989 heralded the end of the GDR and German reunification, went around the world.
Today Leipzig is still as flourishing media, trade fairs and university city. The city is one of the most dynamic cities in Europe, which makes it particularly interesting for young people, who live mostly in their own homes or rental apartments. The combination of tradition and progress the unique air makes the atmosphere of Leipzig. Besides the already mentioned Battle of Nations Monument and Central Station, which has become a promenade with a modern shopping center in Leipzig, there is a lot more to experience.

Due to its history as an ancient trade and university town, there are a number of memorable museums in Leipzig and impressive monuments. The “Old City Hall” is one of the most beautiful Renaissance town halls in Germany. “For the Coffe Baum” in the Fleischergasse 4 is one of the oldest coffee houses in Europe, in which well-known personalities, such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, should have been guests. The work of Johann Sebastian Bach in Leipzig also owes the term “Bach City”.

As an important musical city Leipzig has to offer a lot. The world-famous Gewandhaus and its Gewandhaus Orchestra is a magnet for lovers of classical music. The Leipzig Opera enjoys an excellent international reputation and is one of the oldest music theaters in Europe. The Mendelssohn House, a museum today, is the former home and last residence of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. The composer, founded in 1843 the Academy of Music and Theatre “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy” in Leipzig. Known beyond city and state borders is the Thomaner Choir. Its most famous Thomaner choirmaster was none other than Johann Sebastian Bach.

In the St. Thomas Church, visitors can operate on selected days of the week listening to the Choir. In the Waldstraßenviertel, a large historic district with houses from the early days, plaques commemorate other composers who had their apartments here. Solely to cultural attractions Leipzig has to offer so much that a short visit to the city can only guess at a fraction of the breadth. Visitors who wish to stay longer in the city have, therefore, the possibility to rent an apartment or apartments. Especially one already furnished apartment or furnished apartments have the advantage to switch without much effort for a certain period of residence.

The furniture of the apartment or the apartment allows you to move at short notice. Another advantage of a furnished apartment or an apartment is that they are ideally suited as a second home without having to purchase new furniture need. Particularly job-related moves for a temporary project can be customized with a furnished apartment or a furnished apartment implemented quickly.

Visitors and residents of the city enjoy a lively entertainment scene and leisure activities. Besides the modern multiplex cinemas smaller cinemas attract individual cineastes. Once a year the the “French Film Days” take place in and around Leipzig. The film art fair takes place along with the Festival for Documentary and Animated Film in Leipzig once a year. Open-air cinema is enjoying in the summer months and many open-air fans enjoy a completely different experience in community than alone in the apartment. Theater enthusiasts won’t miss out in Leipzig too. Besides the Schauspiel Leipzig with different places for performance, many small independent theater groups have formed. The Leipzig-based dance theater existed since 1967. A long tradition is the Children and Young People’s Theatre. In the field of cabaret in front of all the Pfeffermühle and Academixer made a name. Worthy to mention at this point, the Leipzig Opera, with it’s three hundred year history. Revelers, who like to leave their apartments or their rentals in the night are attracted by a lively and varied nightlife. Leipzig has a diverse bar scene. It is located mainly in the inner city, leading to an increasing population, not least of young people in single households in an apartment or in apartments. Above all, Barfußgässchen and Gottschedstraße are well attended in summer. Here you can enjoy mediterranean feeling with warm outside temperatures. Also central is the Moritzbastei. Formerly a part of the city wall it is now a cultural center in which numerous artists from around the world are guests. Particularly students get involved in the Moritzbastei which also supports regional cultural projects, instead of spending the evening sitting in their apartments or small flats.

Residents of the city, have compared to other major cities, a large proportion of green spaces and landscaped parks for recreation. A unique park and meadow landscape, the Auenwald. It provides space for active recreation on foot, by bicycle or on horseback. The central location of the forest makes it especially attractive for those seeking relaxation, as most city residents have their rent or their rented apartments in the center of the city.

For the rental of housing, such as apartments or rental housing residents especially benefit from the vibrant downtown, a diverse cultural offerings and a well developed infrastructure. Regardless whether house, apartment or rental apartment – an EU-commissioned study found that residents of the city of Leipzig gave the city outstanding notes, as they relate to the quality of living. This refers to the living space like rental apartment or apartments and to the entire living environment. After the turn often job-related mobility move away from the city has been reversed. Inhabitants of Leipzig feel more and more well in their rental apartment or apartment, and probably will dwell in the city. Particularly the increasing number of students in the city of Leipzig has changed in a positive and lively.

Exchange students from other universities who live only for one semester in the city use increasingly furnished apartments or a furnished rental apartments in addition to the possibility of apartment-sharing community as a temporary abode. Even highly qualified specialists from Germany and abroad are grateful for furnished apartments or a furnished rental apartment and the related facilities. Internships can be completed in a few large companies in Leipzig. For the limited length of stay fully furnished apartments and rental apartments are offered. Lots of jobs in trades and services involve today working at different locations. Furnished apartments or furnished rental apartments therefore offer particularly mechanics straightforward accommodation in Leipzig. Furnished apartments for rent offer these customers relatively affordable housing, compared to a hotel. The furnished apartments or furnished rental apartments also offer the advantage of more space or on request more rooms in a rented apartment. Fully furnished apartments and rental apartments help to ease the housing outside their residences and help to feel at home in Leipzig. Whether for a few weeks or several months, with the rental of a furnished apartment or a rented apartment, the temporary residents remain flexible. Apartments or rental apartmenst in ther hometowns must not be abandoned. Also for a longer period of time it’s often worth renting a furnished apartment or an apartment, since the handling in terms of bureaucracy, for cancelation notice etc. are a lot easier, than with a fixed lease. Anyone who has found his new home in Leipzig, has purchased a property and wants to build finds an easy living space in furnished apartments or rental apartments while in construction.

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